Renovating The Brand

Written by Patrick Brunner

· video production,media


Hello and welcome to the third blog! We've been staying busy the last few weeks and it has been a lot of fun. We've been out in the field doing what we love to do and learning more every day. Our biggest move last week was launching the overhauled website on Friday. The website had stayed the same for a few months, and it was time to change it up. Even though the business plan hasn't changed, we didn't present it in a manner clear enough on the website. Moving into construction made us come to that realization. Our three areas of expertise are easily recognized on the new design: Business Advertising, Corporate, and Construction video.

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Food For Thought

The way a business presents itself online can be good insight on what their goals are as a business. For example, a restaurant with a nice, sleek website design, up-to-date information, and professional photos of their food is most likely actively trying to grow their brand and reach new customers. On the other hand, a restaurant with an out-dated website design, not a lot of content, and/or perhaps even out-of-date information probably already has a strong established customer base. They simply don’t need good media to always be a top priority, but that isn’t to say it wouldn’t be beneficial for them. It’s easy to perceive the lack of need for good media as a sign of a successful business, and that’s true, but it would be safe to bet, however, that they probably aren’t very concerned about growing their brand either. If we go back fifteen years, or maybe even only ten, the use of the internet has increased exponentially. Everyone has it in their pocket these days. A new business fifteen years ago could have got away with not having to have good media online. These days, it’s detrimental for a new business not to. Eventually, however, every restaurant will need to get new TVs, replace the floors, and get new fryers; the same goes for their media. It may not have been important ten years ago, it may not be important today, but it will most certainly be important tomorrow. 

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