Combining Video Marketing with Strategy

Written by Patrick Brunner

· video production,video marketing

Video can be a powerful tool for companies and brands to use in order to expand the reach of their products or services. However, if we dig deeper we will find that there is a grand scale strategic marketing plan at play.

Let's start simple; Why is video such an effective medium when it comes to marketing?

  • Video drives leads
  • Video easily conveys a message
  • Video helps establish your brand
  • Statistically, when it comes to making a purchasing decision, video is more effective than any other medium

Check out this short video we made about the impact of video marketing.

Video should be part of a broader marketing plan, tailored to specific objectives. Video production includes many variables, but the fundamentals never change. One could spend days writing about the process of creating a strategic marketing plan, but the important thing is that thoroughness is key.

Learn about the mission and values of your client and what gives them a competitive edge.

Put yourself in the shoes of their target audience

Think about what the best outcome of the strategic plan would look like, and set goals that are needed to get there

Decide what strategies and tactics would be most effective in order to reach those goals

Will video be the most effective format? An engaging standalone video increases brand awareness, but if the goal is to remain top of mind, a series of videos might be more impactful. 

Combining video efforts with other content such as infographics, blogging, photos, or newsletters creates a robust approach to brand awareness.

The secret to success is to fully understand who your target audience is, what captivates their attention, and where they spend their time.

With all this being said, Corner Media is excited to announce that we have partnered up with ATP Strategies, a marketing services and sales strategies firm. For awhile now, ATP Strategies founder, Joe Saig, has been kind enough to share his knowledge and experience with us, and we believe this partnership will help propel the work for the clients of both entities by combining high quality video production with best-in-class strategic marketing.

Till next time,

Corner Media