Building For Our Future

Written by Patrick Brunner

· video production,film


Hello and welcome to our second blog post! We want to thank you if you took the time to read the first blog and learn a little more about us.


The last couple weeks has been a lot of networking for us; meeting new people, grabbing coffees, and getting our name out there as much as we can. We’ve met some great people who have been nice enough to give us insight on new ways we can market ourselves and grow our brand. To our surprise, a lot of the advice we learned was incredibly simple. We were just thinking about it too hard. For example, connecting our faces and personality to our brand. Rather than simply being Corner Media, we needed to show we were Patrick and Noah. We’ve had a photo of us on our website for a while, but that was pretty much it. A lot of the new content we have been putting out lately has been after hearing the advice from these people. We would like to thank everyone who has been willing to share their time and advice with us so far. It has been invaluable.  


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This week we filmed on location with Nashville Siteworks, and will be going back next week to document the rest of the job. It’s a lot of fun and is a nice change of pace from standard sets we usually work on. A new goal of ours is to get ourselves established as videographers in the construction industry, and it's something we are really excited about going forward.

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For some time now, we have wanted to bring our corporate video work into the world of construction. We just didn’t have enough insight on the industry. In the last month or so, we have done a lot of research about how we can implement our corporate video model into the construction industry, and why it would be beneficial for those companies. After all, the world we live in is being built by the construction industry, so why not showcase it?

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Till next time,

Corner Media